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Basso impatto ambientale

Low environmental impact

The thermal energy production with the catalytic technology, thanks to the natural gas (methane) or LPG oxidization  , without flame, guarantees a low environmental impact. Details

Tecnologia Multisettore

Multi sector technology

Infragas Nova Impianti designs, manufactures and installs ovens and high efficiency thermal systems, suitable to the preheat, to the stabilization, drying, melting, gelling and to the polymerization of different materials, resins and coatings. Details

Soluzioni personalizzate

Personalized solutions

Infragas Nova Impianti aim isn’t to sell a product, but an effective solution, studied and realized to satisfy our customers specific requirements, with the use of appropriate and efficient technology. Details

Performance e Affidabilità

Performances and Reliability

our ovens and thermal systems are studied and supported for over 25 years of experience in the application of infrared radiant systems, catalytic  by gas or electric, guaranteeing great performances for what concerning efficacy, results guarantee, low operating cost and easy use and maintenance. Details



The characteristics of the catalyst technology allow for their use in many areas:
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  • Products

    Infragas Nova Impianti is a winning team of dynamic, professionals and experts in the thermic energy management and application, produced with catalytic gas panels using natural gas or LPG. Infragas Nova Impianti team has more than 25 years experience on design and supply of tailor made drying systems... Read More
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