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  • Paper and Textile

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Paper and Textile

Infragas Nova Impianti has a 25 years experience in the thermal energy production with catalytic technology, using natural gas or LPG, largely used in the ovens, drying tunnels and thermal systems for the paper and textile fields.
The advantages offered by the catalytic technology use are:

  • Use of energy source  with low operating cost and with high performance;
  • Flameless technology;
  • Possibility of using this technology in the presence of flammable volatile substances (in turn catalyzed with a consequent reduction of odours and a recovery of energy).
  • No harmful combustion products emission, but only carbon dioxide and a modest quantity of water vapour;
  • Possibility to heat the materials directly without the needs of a conduction mean as steam, diathermic oil  or hot air;
  • Rapid and even heating, since the action of the infrared rays penetrates into the piece to be heated.
  • space-saving dimensions

These characteristics find practice application in the industrial catalytic panels driers and ovens. They are particularly used in the following treatments:

  • Preheating;
  • drying;
  • gelling;
  • resins melting;
  • extrusion coating;
  • latex coating
  • thermosetting;
  • thermoforming;
  • thermoshrinking.

The temperature in our air circulation / irradiating ovens is adjustable from 40 to 500 degrees C°, and respect to the traditional system this technology offers the following advantages:

  • low operating cost;
  • moderate dimensions;
  • adjustment easiness and temperature maintaining;
  • maximum safety and reliability;
  • minimum maintenance.

Special customer requests can be met for the products translation or air circulation systems, and in every case we can supply complete devices and systems, in relation to the specific needs.

Solutions for the paper and textile sector

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Infragas Nova Impianti offers a range of products and solutions for the paper and textile sector.


Tailor made solutions

We satisfy every requirement through personalized solutions, starting from the designing, to the construction and up to the after-sales assistance. Details