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Infragas Nova Impianti has more than  25 years experience in the Automotive sector, and it has dealt and resolved different needs, between which we remember:

  • Drying and curing of paints on cars and bikes components, as braking supports, shock absorbers, rims, wheel covers, bumpers, etc…
  • Lens stress relieving and stabilization.
  • Preheating for insulating panels forming.
  • Adhesives and glues drying on insulating panels.
  • Adhesives drying ovens after flocking on plastic or composed materials.
  • Drying ovens after filler/stopper application.

Infragas Nova Impianti proposes customized solutions using the most appropriate thermal technology.

Solutions for the automotive sector

Settore automotive

Infragas Nova Impianti offers a range of products and solutions for the automotive sector.


Tailor made solutions

We satisfy every requirement through personalized solutions, starting from the designing, to the construction and up to the after-sales assistance. Details