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Infragas Nova Impianti designs, manufactures and installs ovens and high efficiency thermal systems, suitable to the pre-heating, stabilization, drying, melting, gelling, curing and to the polymerization of different materials, resins and coats.

Catalytic energy

The catalysts are chemical substances that accelerate a reaction without being consumed in the combustion.  In our industrial catalytic panels the gases filter through a set of catalysts highly selective, duly  preheated, to join with the atmosphere oxygen and generate heat in the form of infrared rays without flame development. Fuel, solvents or other inflammable substances on contact with the panel surface evaporate without igniting flame. A  spout of gas thrown onto the panel surface is catalysed as well and there is no ignition of fire. A flame brought near the panel surface is extinguished.

The catalytic technology advantages:

  • Use of an energy source at low cost and high efficiency (natural gas or LPG);
  • High efficiency;
  • Absence of dangerous emission, only carbon dioxide and a modest water vapour quantity;
  • Possibility to treat the materials both directly with the infrared radiations and indirectly with the hot air circulation;
  • Quick and uniform heating for the infrared rays penetration in the piece to heat;
  • Reduced dimensions.



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Tailor made solutions

We satisfy every requirement through personalized solutions, starting from the designing, to the construction and up to the after-sales assistance. Details