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For the tannery sector Infragas Nova Impianti is specialized not only in the drying ovens, but also in the complete finishing lines production:

  • Finishing lines with rotary spray cabines, with aspiration systems corresponding to the actual anti-pollution standards, 8+8 or 12+12 guns, with working width from 1500 to 3400 mm.
  • Finishing lines with reciprocating spray cabines with water veil or dry ecological suction systems.
  • Curtain coater machines with working  width up to 1700 mm and working speed adjustable from 25 to 125 m/min.
  • Compact and Super dryers working width from 1800 to 3400 mm. with adjustable temperature from 40 to 150 °C, with automatic control of temperature .
  • Semi-automatic toggling machines, model STANDARD, QUADRA SYSTEM and SLOW DRY.

The advantages that the catalytic technology offers in the leather treatment are essentially:

  • Flameless technology to produce thermal energy.
  • Solvents and other inflammable substances evaporation are catalyzed partly, with consequent energy recovery.
  • Thermal energy production through gas catalysis, with no emission of harmful combustion products, only carbon dioxide and a modest quantity of water vapour with consequent maintaining of  leather softness.

The catalytic driers and ovens guarantee besides:

  • Low operating cost
  • High efficiency
  • Overall reduced dimensions
  • Easy adjustment of the temperature by automatic thermostat.
  • Maximum safety
  • Low environmental impact
  • Reduced maintenance

Infragas Nova Impianti proposes besides with own technical consultant for the solution of possible exigences regarding:

  • Upgrade of existing ovens, with addition of IR or convection modules.
  • Modification of drying tunnels on spraying lines, for conversion from steam, hot water or diathermic oil to gas or electrical drying systems.
  • Application of our catalytic gas panels into the existing convectional ovens, for upgrade it, and increase the productivity..
  • Design and supply of tailor made new spraying and drying lines, according to the customer requirements
  • Design and supply of tailor made new manual and semiautomatic toggling machines, or drying lines for leather drying after spraying, curtain coater application, or after roller coater finishing machine.
  • Hot air driers supplying, TARGET model, with automatic temperature adjustment.
  • IR+ hot air driers supplying, MULTIWAY model, with radiant gas or electric infrared lamps, with automatic temperature adjustment
  • Rotary and reciprocating spray lines supplying.
  • Semi-automatic toggling machines supplying, STANDARD, QUADRA and SLOW DRY models.
  • Maintenance and assistance on catalytic panels ovens.
  • Catalytic panels supplying and their spares.

Solutions for the tannery sector

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Infragas Nova Impianti offers a range of products and solutions for the tannery sector.


Tailor made solutions

We satisfy every requirement through personalized solutions, starting from the designing, to the construction and up to the after-sales assistance. Details