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Having to design or purchase  the tunnel or drying oven, in continue or static execution, normally the requested requirements are:

  • Low operating cost.
  • Use of an energy source with low environmental impact.
  • Flameless technology, total safety.
  • Easy and immediate adjustment.
  • High efficiency.
  • Reliability.

These characteristics are included in the solutions designed and proposed by Infragas Nova Impianti, to satisfy the preheating of items to be coated, water base or solvent liquid paints drying, gelling and curing of powder paints.

The advantages offered from our technology, documented by the produced hundred plants, are:

  • Use of an energy source with lower cost and maximum efficiency, as the gas, methane or LPG.
  • Possibility of using this technology in the presence of flammable volatile substances (in turn catalyzed with a consequent reduction of odours and a recovery of energy).
  • No emission of harmful combustion products, only carbon dioxide and a modest quantity of water vapour.
  • Possibility of heating materials directly without the need for a means of conduction such as steam or hot air.
  • Rapid and even heating, since the action of the infrared rays penetrates into the piece to be heated.
  • space-saving dimensions

We are recognized as leader in the infrared systems application, with flameless gas radint panels and electric I.R: lamps.

We wish to draw your attention to our solutions of possible problems of:

  • Upgrade of existing ovens, with addition of IR or convection modules.
  • Modification of ovens on painting lines, for conversion from solvent base paint to water base paints.
  • Pre ovens application in front of convection ovens, for gelling and/or powder coats pre polymerization, to avoid their fluttering and so the contamination between different colors inside the oven, during the color changes.
  • Design and supply of curing ovens IR + WARM AIR, also for materials that usually is impossible cure on convectional ovens, due to high temperature of polymerization of powder. We remember you that with IR ovens aren’t necessary warm all the thickness of painted objects. We have various experiences in this way, with powder curing on particulars as car radiators, electro-pumps, etc., already assembled, with gaskets and/or electrical wires.
  • Design and supply of ovens and drying system for solvent base or water base paints on materials thermo sensitive (plastic, MDF, ABS etc.).
  • Maintenance and assistance on infrared rays catalytic panels ovens.

Solutions for the painting sector

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Infragas Nova Impianti offers a range of products and solutions for the painting sector.


Tailor made solutions

We satisfy every requirement through personalized solutions, starting from the designing, to the construction and up to the after-sales assistance. Details