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Tailor made solutions

Modular construction, with independent  adjustment

The drying tunnels can be manufactured with implementable modules, with independent adjustment, to apply the right quantity of  heat in every process phase of drying and curing of paints.

Modular temperatures and working modalities

The ovens, the driers and the drying tunnels can be supplied with hybrid solutions, for example with a IR irradiating and a hot air circulation section, to apply the right heat in every process phase.

Flexibility in the dimension and in the spaces sizing

The capacity to offer personalized solutions allows us to use at one’s best the spaces available. The infrared technologies application, with flameless gas panels or electric infrared lamps, guarantees a space and time saving to obtain required results.

Sensitivity in the process regulations

Our technologies allow to treat the materials both directly with the infrared radiations, and indirectly  with the hot air circulation; in both cases it is possible to provide the drying tunnels and the ovens of opportune  processes active control.


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